Peter Clift

Peter Clift

Peter Clift

Birth : 1966 Ware, Hertfordshire,United Kingdom

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Name Peter Clift
Birth 1966 Ware, Hertfordshire,United Kingdom
Birth Place Ware, Hertfordshire,United Kingdom
Alma Mater University of Oxford,University of Edinburgh
Fields Earth sciences,geophysics,oceanography
Institution University of Aberdeen,University of Bremen,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Chinese Academy of Science)

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He is currently the Charles T. McCord Professor of Petroleum Geology at Louisiana State University, which he joined in 2012.


He showed that a river, possibly the mythical Sarasvati River used to flow from the region of Chandigarh in Punjab (India) but ceased to flow after 4500 years ago, possibly due to weakening of the monsoon.


He completed his Ph.D. on the geology of southern Greece in 1990 at University of Edinburgh.


In 1994 Clift married Chryseis Fox in Bryan, Texas.


The most cited of them are: Clift, P.D. and Vannucchi, P., 2004.


Times Cited: 59 Clift, P.D., Shimizu, N., Layne, G., Gaedicke, C., Schlüter, H.U., Clark, M. and Amjad, S., 2001.


  • 2009, Fellow at the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst, Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • 2008, Elected a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.
  • 2005, Appointed as visiting professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou.
  • 2005, Murchison Fund, Geological Society of London, UK
  • 2005–2007, Humboldt Foundation Fellow, University of Bremen, Germany
  • 2004, Visiting lecturer, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • 2003, Visiting lecturer, National Central University and Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • 2001, Swiney Trust invited visiting lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • 1987, Worcester College, University of Oxford, Prize for Excellence