George Gaylord Simpson

George Gaylord Simpson

George Gaylord Simpson

Birth : (1902-06-16)June 16, 1902 Chicago, Illinois

Death : October 6, 1984(1984-10-06)(agedĀ 82) Fresno, California

Personal Information

Name George Gaylord Simpson
Birth (1902-06-16)June 16, 1902 Chicago, Illinois
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Death (1984-10-06)(agedĀ 82) Fresno, California
Died At Fresno, California
Nationality United States
Alma Mater ,University of Colorado,Yale University, B.A., Ph.D.
Fields Paleontology
Institution Columbia University)
Famous Research Modern synthesis;quantum evolution
Doctoral Advisor Richard Swann Lull

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Events Occured in Scienctist Life


Simpson was perhaps the most influential paleontologist of the twentieth century, and a major participant in the modern synthesis, contributing Tempo and Mode in Evolution (1944),


He coined the word hypodigm in 1940, and published extensively on the taxonomy of fossil and extant mammals.


In 1943 Simpson was awarded the Mary Clark Thompson Medal from the National Academy of Sciences.


For his work, Tempo and mode in evolution, he was awarded the Academy's Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal in 1944.


He was awarded the Linnean Society of London's prestigious Darwin-Wallace Medal in 1958.


Simpson also received the Royal Society's Darwin Medal 'In recognition of his distinguished contributions to general evolutionary theory, based on a profound study of palaeontology, particularly of vertebrates,' in 1962.


In 1966, Simpson received the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement.


In the 1960s, Simpson "rubbished the then-nascent science of exobiology, which concerned itself with life on places other than Earth, as a science without a subject".


Attending marvels (1931) Quantitative Zoology (1939)


The Dechronization of Sam Magruder (posthumously published novella, 1996)