Alfred Rittmann

Alfred Rittmann

Alfred Rittmann

Birth : 23 March 1893 Basel,Switzerland

Death : 19 September 1980(1980-09-20)(aged 87) Piazza Armerina,Sicily

Personal Information

Name Alfred Rittmann
Birth 23 March 1893 Basel,Switzerland
Birth Place Basel,Switzerland
Death (1980-09-20)(aged 87) Piazza Armerina,Sicily
Died At Piazza Armerina,Sicily
Alma Mater University of Geneva(1922)
Institution Volcanology Institute, Napoli (1926-34)
University of Basel(1934-41)
Centro geominerario, Instituto della Recostruzione Industriale, Napoli (1941-44)
Centro Geologico Silano, Conzilio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Napoli (1944-48)
University of Alexandria (1949-53)
University of Cairo (1953-57)
Volcanology Institute,University of Catania(1958-63)
Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia, Catania (1960-68)
Famous Research Die geologisch bedingte Evolution und Differentiation des Somma-Vesuvmagmas(1933),Orogénèse et volcanisme(1951),Volcanoes and their Activity(1962)
Doctoral Advisor Louis Claude Duparc

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Alfred Rittmann (23 March 1893 – 19 September 1980) was a leading volcanologist.


He received his PhD there (1922) for work on ultramafic rocks of the Ural Mountains.


In 1926, the rich banker Immanuel Friedländer founded the Institute for Volcanology in Naples and Rittmann became leading scientist of the institute.


This resulted in his first great work: "Evolution und Differentiation des Somma-Vesuvmagmas" (Rittmann, 1933).


At the annual meeting of the German Geological Society in January 1939, he was right opposing the idea that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was an orogenic uplift by compression, and his opposition to disregard the Continental drift theory raised doubts.


The work "Über den Zustand des Erdinnern und seine Entstehung aus einem homogenen Urzustand" (Kuhn and Rittmann, 1941) defended the non existence of an iron-nickel Earth core.


He received the Gustav-Steinmann-Medaille (1965) and the doctor honoris causa from the University of Bern (1959).


The Antarctic volcano Mount Rittmann and the mineral rittmannite (IMA 1987-048, 08.DH.15) were named in his honour.


Selected publications Rittmann, Alfred; Rittmann, Loredana (November 1982).


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